"Burned"- Sanniyah Antoinette

Music has always been my number one dream ever since I was a little girl. I use to grab my hair brushes and dance around the house like I was a rockstar. Being 21 now and finally put out a song I'm 100% proud of makes the younger me thrive. With my music I want to show the world that anything is possible when you put your mind to it. No dream is too small and you should NEVER give up. Yes, this song is a emotion dump after a bad breakup. Every artist has one, right? We all have that one song that stands up to the person that hurt you by shoving a " I am stronger now!" right in their face. This song is that for me. Writing this song was my outlet to express my anger and frustration that I was never able to express to my ex- significant other. Music helps me cope with all the frustrations and questions that I constantly ask myself. It's my therapy and I wouldn't change it for the world. Being able to jot my thoughts down on a paper and mold it into something that people can relate to gives me the best feeling. If I knew that I've helped at least one person heal then my job is done. I want to show people that you aren't alone with your emotions. There's always people out there that may be going through the same situations. I want people to know that they can always turn back to their favorite artist and scream the lyrics back and let it out. Music is my way of giving each and every one of my fans a big hug and telling them that they will be okay. This is only the beginning of the words that I want to say. I cannot wait to say more.

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